Simple, modern, affordable full service HOA legal support is what we are all about.  Our promise to clients is to provide quality legal service for a reasonable price. To deliver on this promise, we invested in the necessary technology, modernizing the legal process – making us a leader in community association legal practice. Established in 2008, The Travis Law Firm, PLC provides general legal counsel, collection services, covenant enforcement litigation, and defense litigation.  In fact, our process is so simple and straightforward we can provide you with a complete schedule of fees [insert contact link].  We are experts at delivering 24/7 status access for our clients, and their designated property management companies.

Working hand in hand with you and your property management company, we minimize duplicate work and ensure that the Association maximizes its investment in legal services. No matter what the economic conditions, we utilize technology and sound business processes to deliver high quality legal services at reasonable prices.

General Counsel

Associations face a multitude of different legal issues requiring partnership with a community association legal firm. We serve our clients by:

  • Providing interpretation of and guidance through the Association’s documents, Arizona statutes, case law and Federal law
  • Providing written legal opinions to the Association
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Drafting and amending Association documents
  • Assisting with property taxation to reduce taxation on common areas and resolve tax liens
  • Counseling on meeting issues, voting questions and records requests
  • Advising on corporate formation and related issues with the Corporation Commission
  • Other legal matters encountered by an Association.


Assessments are typically the sole source of income for the Association. When owners become delinquent, it is imperative to collect the past due amount and to ensure future assessments are received on time. We utilize technology to provide timely, effective and efficient collection services to Associations.

In each step of the collection process, we attempt to educate the delinquent owner in order for them to understand the importance of paying their assessments to the Association. We also protect the Association’s creditor rights during bankruptcies and file monetary penalty lawsuits in Justice Court to assist with covenant enforcement. We utilize demand letters, recording of liens, lawsuits for personal judgments in Justice Court, wage garnishments, judgment debtor exams, and lien foreclosure suits in Superior Court to collect delinquent assessments, late fees, collection charges, and attorney fees and costs. The delinquent homeowner is offered a variety of ways to pay their debt to the Association. We provide repayment plan management to insure prompt payment.

The Association is kept informed at all stages of our collection process through online access to its collection cases. We use technology to securely provide standard and custom collection status reports for each Association’s unique needs. There is no additional charge for this service, and it is offered to all the Associations that we represent.  Board members and the management company can have online access to these reports.

Covenant Enforcement and Litigation

The Association and its Board of Directors have a fiduciary duty to enforce the restrictions contained in the Association’s Declaration and rules and regulations. We draft covenant enforcement demand letters at a flat rate. In this letter, we set forth the owner’s duty to comply with Declaration and/or rule and why. We also detail what the Association’s next step will be, if the owner does not comply within the time stated in the letter. We encourage the owner to contact us with any questions regarding this letter. It is our experience that many compliance violations are resolved by such correspondence. When this is not the case, our firm can proceed with legal action in Superior Court against the owner to achieve compliance.

Defense Litigation

There are numerous instances where an Association and/or its Board of Directors may be sued. When an Association or Director is sued and/or a claim is asserted, we can provide a defense of these claims for the Association. We will work with the Association’s insurance carrier to arrive at the best resolution of such claims and suits. Our firm has successfully defended Associations and Directors in negligence suits such as trip and fall cases, defamation of character, discrimination and other suits.