by Melissa S. Doolan, Esq.

In the last year I have heard from community managers, executives, and vendors alike about how inpatient and intolerant people have become. Perhaps it was being locked down, shortages of items, or the 24-hour news cycle that have people on edge. Whatever the reason, there is an increase in incivility, and not just in our industry. We have read and seen news stories, almost weekly, of flight attendants attacked, road rage incidents and angry customers throwing food on store employees. Countless managers have said how much they love their work, but they are considering leaving the industry because of how hostile and unkind people are these days.

There are also many positive stories about people helping each other whether through small acts of kindness such as sharing puzzles with neighbors, buying groceries for someone in need, or the community jumping into action to help those effected by the devastating wildfires and floods. Going into 2022 I challenge each of you to be inspired by these acts of kindness. Let our industry be a guide to others on how to be kind, tolerant and civil.

Use these guiding principles to make 2022 the year of kindness. Be self-aware of your words and actions. Show empathy towards others. Foster positive relationships. Respect differences. Strive to listen to other viewpoints with an open mind. Pursue civility and kindness in all aspects of work and life. Together we can bring kindness back to the forefront of all our activities and interactions.   Here’s to 2022: The Year of Kindness!

The information provided herein is for reference purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended as legal advice.  For specific questions or legal issues regarding your association, please contact us at 480-219-3633.